A Vermont Retreat

Brookfield, Vermont 

Exceptional New House — Exceptional Old Village.

A Special Place for Refuge, Books, and Music.

Located about 100 yards from the “Floating Bridge” in the Pond Village section of Brookfield, Vermont, Fern Hill is a recently built 4,000 sq. foot shingle house that has a very large Master suite, two other large two-person suites, and a three-bed children’s dorm in the unfinished cellar. The house is large, bright, and beautiful. It centers around a Great Room with a gourmet kitchen/dining area on one side and a granite fireplace, music, and gaming area on the other. There is even a dance floor! At the same time this is a nicely detailed home, intimate enough for two people to feel very cozy watching the sunset from the Master bedroom deck or sharing a candlelit dinner for two beside the BIG fireplace.

The house is well stocked with classic books and games, including a small roulette and craps table. There is a surround sound system that plays wireless airTunes from your computer or iPod as well as an 1890’s upright piano to provide live music. Guests are also encouraged to bring their acoustic instruments. (Singing sounds very good here, especially with the lights out and only the fire for illumination.)

There is Hi Speed WiFi for ready Internet access. Grudgingly, there is also television in the 3 bed dorm in the basement (Red Sox trumped).  It is hoped guests will ignore it.  This house is a retreat for talking, singing, reading, writing, or being quiet with people you love. There is also a DVD player in the dorm room, but it needs an average child to hook it up.

A very pretty brook runs through the property. Sometimes, on summer mornings, a Blue Heron camps out under the bridge.

The Pond Village section of Brookfield is from another time. Vermont, circa 1949. There are only about 80 full time inhabitants, and the main street is a dirt road (Brookfield’s citizens fought the state to keep it from being paved.) The center of the village is the somewhat famous Floating Bridge, a structure that sinks into the waters of Sunset Pond when a car crosses it. Day and night the bridge is a converging place for strollers, swimmers, fishers, bicyclists, and–tellingly–many year-round inhabitants of the area who drive over on summer evenings just to get a taste of the “Old” Vermont. It’s not quite Grover’s Corners, but the people in Pond Village are about as real and decent as people can be.

Ariel’s– one of the best gourmet restaurants in New England– is located next to the small town park at the end of the Floating Bridge. Ariel’s sits across the road from the Green Trails Inn, a legendary Vermont hostelry well worth a stay in its own right. A local farmer provides buckboard rides, as well as sleigh rides in winter.

Brookfield is in central Vermont and is very well situated to go north, south or west. Dartmouth College and Hanover are a 45-minute drive, Montpelier (Piccola Roma) is 18 minutes; the ski and summer towns of Warren and Waitsfield are 35 minutes away (over Roxbury Gap–4 Wheel Dr. in winter), while Stowe is around 45 minutes.  Burlington, Vermont’s largest city is 50 minutes.

Culturally, there is literally something going on in the area every day and night. The local arts paper, Seven Days (www.7dvt.com), lists plays, festivals, nightclub and concert music as well as the abundance of weekly events that make Vermont such a special place to live and visit. In Brookfield you are within an hour’s drive of everything from Burlington to Hanover, New Hampshire.

Pond Village is the best of old New England!

Customer Warning: 

Fern Hill is the 180 degree opposite of Los Angeles, California.

Now as I was young and easy under the apple boughs About the lilting house and happy as the grass was green….

From ‘Fern Hill,’ the poem on his aunt’s Welsh farm
by Dylan Thomas