A Vermont Retreat

Brookfield, Vermont 

From Our Guestbook

In the short time Fern Hill has been having guests, both old and new friends have been complimentary…

“…. Shannon’s graduation from Dartmouth was the perfect ‘excuse’ to come to Vermont…. travel, singing and dancing all brought together in your fabulous home. The memory will be with me for a long time to come. Your house is a home in every sense of the word. Can’t wait to return.”“There are so many wonderful memories…. overeating Spanish foods, lovely wines, enjoying all aspects of your lovely new home, picking ferns and lupines for banquets, trips to ‘Monte’ {Montpelier} for lattes, watching the turtles spring ritual of burying their eggs, being splashed at the Floating Bridge, talks on the porch and much music…. You are such a gracious host on so many levels, the best being the leader of the song fest,…also love it when you slip into poetry….”


“We had an amazing time! We absolutely loved the house, it is magnificent. The pond was great, we all enjoyed jumping off the bridge and kayaking with your high tech kayak. We hope to come back soon.”


“Its so beautiful—the house. The music in these halls. We played music the whole time we were here. We swam—read—walked—had dinner here and at Ariel’s. What a perfect place!”


“You will hear laughter echoing from the corners and walls of your gracious home. We felt comfort at the warm familiar touch and sound of your piano. From the stories told by each picture placed or hung everywhere we think we know you from somewhere….Our pizza was better than ever! Or was it your kitchen that made it that way?…and yes, the acoustics and lighting were just as you said—and we played music, we laughed, we cooked, we ate and we danced—and we didn’t want to leave…. Memories….”


“What a treat –to be treated as a queen in this magnificent palace for my bridal shower…. A truly special time with the women who are most dear to me.”


“This is a true ‘house of love.’ Congratulations on filling it with the most interesting, warm, beautiful, and lovely things…We never wanted to leave. Especially enjoyed the wonderful music, luxurious fireplace to read/relax by…. It was magical….”


“As Winston Churchill once said to the manager of the Waldorf-Astoria, ‘I am an easy guest to please. I simply like the best of everything,’ and believe me, that is what you have provided here at ‘Fern Hill.’ The setting is beautiful beyond words. The brook is babbling, the fire roaring, the music enticing, and the company delightful. A truly wonderful experience.”


“This has been a fantastic way to finish off my 40th birthday. Your house is truly wonderful…. This has been a first visit to Vermont but we both hope it won’t be our last. The countryside is wonderful and around every curve is another fantastic view. We have loved coming back at night and sitting in front of the fire listening to music and mulling over the day’s visits. Once again, thank you for making a couple of Brits feel right at home….”


“Your {internet} pictures don’t do it justice.”

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